On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 6:15 AM, Pablo Yaggi <pya...@alsurdelsur.com> wrote:
> Now I have my script running, It's a simple script that produces the
> table-mirror effect apple does, but is it possible to check whether
> the interface is available or not, I mean if gimp is running with -i mode
> (no interface).

No, there is no reliable way to do that AFAIK.

> Also, the script resizes the original image, is it possible to change the
> actual zoom from inside the script? how ?
No. In python scripting this is possible using software like
'xdotool', but not in script-fu (because there is no command to shell
out and run another command).

After looking at your script, I suggest you also use '--no-data'
commandline parameter to GIMP to cut down on memory usage and startup
time, since you don't appear to use any brushes/gradients etc in your

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