I believe there are some "artificial" limitation to the potential of script fu, 
derived by the exigence to "categorize " the scripts in 2 main categories: 
"Previous toolbox-scripts" that create a new imagine
"imagine script" that should modify the active imagine

I suppose that division had some reasons to be with the old gimp layout.

But now ,after Gimp 2.4 i cannot imagine any reason to maintain such 
"artificial" distinction.

"artificial" because a script may do both and more
Same script may work on the active layer,and/or create a new layer, and/or 
create a new imagine...
Stressing the point , in general a good flexible script SHOULD do more, 
allowing to chose most logic input (except for "render" script" )and the output 

As now if a script is classified as "image script" users may overlook the fact 
that may also create a new imagine , because imagine scripts are not supposed 
to do that

As now a good and flexible script that can output on a new imagine, Or/and in a 
new layer of the active imagine or/and on the active layer or drawable will be 
always erroneously classified since there is not yet in Gimp a script category 
as "Good scripts without unneeded artificial limitations "

That is mostly evident with all the "Logos" and "alpha to logo " scripts

2 Groups of almost identical scripts with same names 
(I may assure here that most users will notice only 1 group, and ignore the 
 or if by chance someone will notice the other group  will believe that a 
different link for the  same identical function since the   names  are 

Solve that chaos of the "Logos" -"Alpha to Logo" script may be become much 
easier if there is a commune agreement that a "LOGO_RELATED" script should
allow to output the result

1) as new imagine 
(with a option to have Transparency as background ... not only a solid color as 

2) as new layer(s) pasted on the active imagine

3) as modification of the active layer

4) any combination of the options above

This at least for the scripts to be bundled in Gimp, then the authors of extra 
scripts have obviously the freedom to offer less options if they wish, but they 
will get no more artificial limitation to the potential of their scripts..and 
no more the risk to have their script mis-categorized

(again limitation are more for users then for the scripts...if a script is a 
Imagine-script is supposed no to to create a new imagine, so most users will 
not look for such option even if available)

please consider that i am not expert in script fu, i wrote only 2 scripts and 
that was possible only with a great help.

But somehow i felt this a point to be discussed, if solved i believe also many 
usability issues of the Gimp "Logos" and "Alpha to logo" scripts may be solved 
much more easily (hopefully merging the  2 groups )

PS: Peter Sikking  noticed that File/ Create/Logos and that Filter/Alpha to 
Logo twins Menus full of synonymous ?

Was some comment from the GUI redisign Team?

There are already some changes planned ?

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