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> If you actually look at the code, you will notice that
> these are the
> same scripts registering in two locations. There is no
> artificial
> distinction being made here. This is fully intentional. 

i look to the code i notice 2 different scripts  with same name the fact that 
both are written on the same file (i.e. "neon logo.scm") do not seems to be 
much relevant

My point is that if i call "neon logo.scm" from Filter/Alpha to Logo" i may 
output the result on a active image that is what i wish, but i can't chose 
font, font size, font color.
I may only use as input a text already done with a transparent background.

On the contrary if i call the "same" "neon logo.scm" from File /Create/Logos i 
can well chose Font Type, colour and size so is fine for the input

But then i can paste the result on my opened image, first i have to remove the 
background layer because in the option for background color absence of 
color=transparency was not included

Then i must save the image and only after all this steps i may finally add my 
logo to my image

That seems to me a Usability's Nightmare 

My point is that the script should allow

1 to chose font 
2 to paste painlessly the result on a opened image 

Now if i call a Logo script from File/Create/Logos i may achieve point 1
..but not 2 , no way

On the contrary if i call the "same" script from Filter/alpha to Logo then 
point 2 is achieved, but no way for point 1

OR i may chose font OR i may paste the result on my image, i can't do both with 
that LOGO script.

>To be honest, I
>don't understand the point you are trying to make.

My point?
I suppose a minimum requirement for a Logo script is allow me to chose a font, 
e Effect for that font,and to paste the result on a opened image

You may check and see that none of the dozen of Logo script included in Gimp 
allow this.

And this because the scripts are splitted in 2 ,

1 group offer a good input option (=allow Chose the font and the text)but poor 
output option
the other group has poor input option (text has to be ready on a transparent 
layer)and poor output option (it can't output on a new image)
but at least i may paste the output on the opened image

> This is fully intentional. 

If what i described was done intentionally i will fear Sadism

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