If I understand correctly, Alchemie's complaint is that there are logo  
creation scripts (under <Image>/File/Create/Logo) which are quite  
similar to the scripts under <Image>/Filters/Alpha To Logo). The main  
difference between the two is that the creation script has text entry  
controls in the dialog and they do not permit the logo being created  
on a new layer in the active image.

If I am understanding this correctly then I personally don't see a way  
of improving (resolving?) this situation. There is not a one-to-one  
correspondence between the "filters" and the "creators", nor is it  
always logical that there be one. Also, even though the  
<Image>/File/Create/Logo menu is in the image window, there is no  
guarantee that there is an image open.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding; if so, it might be helpful if an actual  
change were proposed.

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