Alchemie foto\grafiche wrote:
> I believe there are some "artificial" limitation to the potential of script 
> fu, derived by the exigence to "categorize " the scripts in 2 main 
> categories: 
> "Previous toolbox-scripts" that create a new imagine
> "imagine script" that should modify the active imagine
> I suppose that division had some reasons to be with the old gimp layout.
> But now ,after Gimp 2.4 i cannot imagine any reason to maintain such 
> "artificial" distinction.
> [...]

I agree with basically all your points but to be honest I can't see why
anyone would want to use those scripts at all. In my opinion these
alpha-to-logo scripts all give unprofessionally looking results (at
least all those I have tried). The best solution IMO is to remove them
from the vanilla distribution but that could be considered breaking
plug-in backwards compatibility so probably this won't happen.

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