sanju More wrote:
> I am working on Linux platform ( Fedora 6).

When I was first going through my e-mail I read the above as Fedora 8. If you 
are using a Fedora which is that old you will soon discover that a lot more 
packages than just XML::Parser are missing or out-of-date on your system.

If you are having trouble handling the missing(?) XML::Parser package, getting 
updated glib, gtk+ and other libraries on your system will pose an even bigger 
challenge. You won't be able to just install updated versions of some of those 
packages in the usual places without risk of breaking your system.

> It is installed, please let me know how to check that is installed.

Checking my Fedora 8 machine, I find the following.

I think that is the XML::Parser module for Perl. The "5.8.8" part will vary 
depending on which version of Perl you have on your computer.

BTW, are you aware that Fedora 10 just came out recently?


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