Rob Antonishen wrote:

> Read this with intrest (as a user) what is the intrinsic difference
> between save a copy and save as?  I am assuming the working document
> changes in the save as case to the new saved as file. In the save a
> copy case I assume the working doment is unchanged.

yes it works like that in the current version.

> One suggestion in the revert...would it be possible introduce an timed
> auto backup feature (I have implemented one using a scheme script I
> invoke with a hot key, currently) and have the revert offer up any of
> the automatic backups as well as the open state as a revert option?

I think that needs its own little project. thinking through
reverting after a crash is not trivial.

Jon Senior wrote:

> As a user, I like it. I like the separation of saving native format  
> and "exporting" to non-native formats. Am I right in thinking that  
> "Save back" will only appear in the use case where a non-native file  
> is opened?

yes, that is the point where ‘Save back’ becomes available.


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