Sven wrote:

> Alexia wrote:
>> Does this mean that the annoying pop-up asking If I want to export
>> will go away if I choose export?
> The dialog does not really ask you if you want to export. It informs  
> you
> that the image can't be saved because the format you have chosen can  
> not
> handle some aspects of the image (transparency, multiple layers, ...).
> It also offers you one or more ways to deal with this situation.

right. one thing I have no overview of is how many ‘topics’
there are for which there are dialogs. Up to now I have seen
layers, transparency, bit-depths.

> As far as I can see the new spec does not really change this.


> We should
> definitely try to straighten this dialog (as Peter already wrote).  
> Part
> of that is probably that the dialog remembers the last made choice  
> (per
> format or per image?) and perhaps it should even offer a choice to  
> skip
> it entirely when exporting this image to this format again. I will  
> have
> to think about how this fits into the current export functionality. As
> it is implemented on the plug-in side, it may turn out to be difficult
> to change it. But first it would be good for us to know how it should
> look and feel ideally.

looks like remembering as default per file type is the right thing.
the as-is situation of showing only once per time that the image is open
(should also be for export, I will add that to the spec) looks just  
right to me: both the source document and the export destination  
what the right information reduction method is.


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