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> This results in a variety of possible dialogs:

And? If I save to a format it can be assumed that I know its limitations.
Being warned once about the information loss is good enough. Mind, gimp does
not even do that right now. Loss of vector layers and text data goes
unannounced. So how about doing it by letting the user per file type (once
if user so chooses), its capabilities. Export makes information loss
implicit anyway.

> And of course there are the various image mode conflicts that are
> handled by offering to convert to the mode that the plug-in supports:
>  "Convert to RGB"
>  "Convert to Grayscale"
>  "Convert to Indexed using default settings
>  (Do it manually to tune the result)"
>  "Convert to Indexed using bitmap default settings
>  (Do it manually to tune the result)"
> These can be combined as options if the destination format supports
> several modes.

Image mode conflicts are a separate problem IMHO.

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