On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 1:11 AM, David Gowers  wrote:
> Ah, I see the problem now. There is not an 'active channel'.
> There is rather an 'active drawable' (and both layers and channels are
> classified as drawables). This has always been the case (but perhaps
> we can show this in a clearer way? I wonder what Peter thinks.)
>> So to paste into a channel you have to...
>> - select the channel (in the channel panel)
>> - edit > paste (or paste into)
>> - select the layer panel
>> - hit the anchor button
>> - select the channel panel.
> Note this is less confusing and faster when you have Anchor bound to a
> keyboard shortcut. Select the channel, paste, anchor. (if you wanted
> to change opacity or layer mode, you still have to switch to Layers
> dialog though - ick!)
> David

I've been using gimp for 3 years and other than the standard cut copy
paste, selections and a few on my own bound commands (reload scripts,
save a working copy) haven't been able to memorize more keyboard
shortcuts, guess my brain is too old ;)

My opinion (which probably breaks some other intended behaviour) is
that if the active drawable is a channel, pasting should default to a
paste into that active channel, and not create a floating selection
(over in the layers palette).  A second option would be to have
floating selections appear in any drawable palette, along with a
method to anchor them (but that starts to get messy).

P.S. sorry for this ramble...but I am finding this discussion on
channel usage incredible helpful.

-Rob A>
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