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   Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 01:20:48 +0100

   this whole pdf/cmyk discussion has been a nice exercise for me
   in getting to "know the activity" as Don Norman calls it.

   this is what I digest from all that has been said here:

   rule #1: the topic we are talking all the time about here
   is not cmyk, tiff or pdf. the topic we are talking about is

            mastering for the printing press

   everything evolves around that.

I think the case of "text black" is a partial, qualified exception --
but it's arguable that it has any bearing on RGB vs. CMYK.  It really
means "the darkest, sharpest black that can be produced" regardless of
rendering device.  It could just as well be represented as RGB+K, or
simply as a separate layer.  I'd argue that it's actually a creative
choice, though.

So I'd say that it's really not at odds with what you're saying.

Perhaps prepress tasks would better be implemented as a plugin (or set
of plugins)?  It's hard for me to see how trapping (for example) would
make any sense at all as part of the core, but as a plugin it would
make perfect sense.  I know Adobe at least used to sell a product
called TrapWise whose purpose in life was to do nothing but trapping.
I don't know if it had a Photoshop plugin component or not.

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