Robert Krawitz wrote:

>   From: peter sikking <>
>>   this whole pdf/cmyk discussion has been a nice exercise for me
>>   in getting to "know the activity" as Don Norman calls it.
>>   this is what I digest from all that has been said here:
>>   rule #1: the topic we are talking all the time about here
>>   is not cmyk, tiff or pdf. the topic we are talking about is
>>          mastering for the printing press
>>   everything evolves around that.
> I think the case of "text black" is a partial, qualified exception --

I have a hard time spotting what you mean. this is troubling
because I will have to understand the everything to be able
to drive the Ui side of the solution.

> Perhaps prepress tasks would better be implemented as a plugin (or set
> of plugins)?

technically or user experience? it is essential to me that all
this mastering for the printing press is in the document window
of GIMP, with all the monochrome GIMP functionality available to
optimise the plates.


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