Robert Krawitz wrote:

>> where's the spanner?
>>   Against CMYK, regardless of what system you use, text black is
>>   going to be a spot color, so it could just as easily be RGB+K,
>>   CMYK+K, LAB+K, or even YIQ+K.
> I meant the latter.
> I remember that on some older monitors and graphics devices there was
> a color "whiter than white" -- a special overlay color that was
> brighter than the standard white.  Text black is the same kind of
> thing.  It's conceptually distinct from other colors.
> I think it really argues for spot color layers more than CMYK per se.

the plan as you can see in my conclusions does not hardwire a
cmyk system, it uses (stolen from pippin) an "everything is spot"
aka a-plate-is-a-plate system where the separation is free
configurable, and cmyk and cmy+k are standard configurations.

so we are not snookered by this.


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