On Fri, 27 Mar 2009, peter sikking wrote:
> OK, that part I already got before I wrote my digest. But Robert
> points this out to show that there is a (minor) spanner in the works.
> where's the spanner?

There are two spanners: one in favor of CMYK and one against. 
I'm not sure which Robert means, since he alludes to both in his 

In favor of CMYK, text black must be implemented as a single 
color and can only appear on a single plate.

Against CMYK, regardless of what system you use, text black is 
going to be a spot color, so it could just as easily be RGB+K, 
CMYK+K, LAB+K, or even YIQ+K.

Does this answer your question or should I respond when I've had 
more sleep?

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