Robert Krawitz wrote:

> I think the case of "text black" is a partial, qualified exception --
> but it's arguable that it has any bearing on RGB vs. CMYK.  It really
> means "the darkest, sharpest black that can be produced" regardless of
> rendering device.  It could just as well be represented as RGB+K, or
> simply as a separate layer.  I'd argue that it's actually a creative
> choice, though.

In creating printing press artwork there are two types of black:
text black and photographic black. Text black is not the darkest
black, it is the cheapest black that doesn't suffer from
plate alignment issues (ie. K only). Photographic black is the
darkest possible black that is within the total ink load
the printing process/ink cost limits/drying time limits
applicable. This will be a composite black (CMYK), and
generally doesn't suffer as much from plate alignment issues,
since images are less likely to have distinct edges, while
visible contrast is critical to the perceived image quality.

Graeme Gill.

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