On Fri, 27 Mar 2009, peter sikking wrote:
> the plan as you can see in my conclusions does not hardwire a
> cmyk system, it uses (stolen from pippin) an "everything is spot"
> aka a-plate-is-a-plate system where the separation is free
> configurable, and cmyk and cmy+k are standard configurations.
> so we are not snookered by this.

That's good.

Some other solutions might not work that way, so clarifying this 
point they way we just did is probably a Good Thing.

I was also thinking about CMYKOG, and I may have been a little 
glib in my dismissal of it.  CMYKOG is essentially a special type 
of 6-color, which is not patent-encumbered, to the best of my 
knowledge.  There's certainly no reason why the user can't have 
Hexachrome(R) if they install proper add-ons, but it couldn't 
ship with GIMP as long as it has a libre license.

After all, there's a way to get PMS to work with Scribus (and I 
believe you can use this to get approximations in GIMP as well):

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