I think I agree with 99% of what you wrote. 

(wait.  Nevermind.  Probably about 75%)

On Fri, 27 Mar 2009, peter sikking wrote:
> 4) tiff or pdf? it is just a transport method. it is a strategic
>    choice what to do first/better/at all.

PDF isn't really appropriate for raster images, but printers know 
how to deal with them and some expect it.

> 1) all creative work in GIMP is in rgb.

Is currently?  Or should be?  I can agree that it is currently, 
but it should allow CMYK editing.

> 2) when it is one of those times (plural) to work on the
>    printing press mastering of this file, then pull the
>    "press projection" over the image window. now you can see the
>    plates (similar to layers) and work on each or combinations.

This would make a very useful feature, but it must accompany full 
CMYK editing.

>    CMKYGO can easily be
>    also a default.

Probably not, for a few reasons.  Hexachrome(R) is 
patent-encumbered, for starters.

> 4) flip the press projection up again and continue to work
>    on the creative part. flip the press projection down
>    again and the plates are updated from the image changes.
>    with previous plate modifications applied on top.

Ah.  This is needlessly complicated and would require two 
versions of the same image.

Remember--rich black is a necessary CMYK color and cannot be 
represented in RGB.  Trapping images requires CMYK and the 
trapped image cannot be represented in RGB.

Changes to one image cannot be automatically transferred to the 
other without complicated transforms.  This is far more than just 
RGB > CMYK.  This would involve things like edge detection and 
intelligent algorithms to determine when a boundary between two 
colors in one version of the image has shifted and thus requires 
a change to the other version.

To put it simply, this solution would require probably twice as 
much work as CMYK editing would.

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