David Gowers schrieb:
> Hi saulgoode,
> On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 12:29 PM,
> <saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com> wrote:
>> If a PNG is loaded as a layer, should the "image background color" be
>> updated to the PNG file's background color? or should it remain what
>> it was originally? If a JPEG is loaded as a layer, should the "image
>> background color" be set to white?
> Good questions!
> It's pretty clear to me, that if the PNG provided a background color,
> we should keep it; otherwise, we should assign our own. 

i have to disagree. The PNG background color semantics are very different
from the proposed XCF bg color. In fact, PNG provides a presentation hint
for the image's environment, rather than specifying the image's colors.
I have recently posted my analysis somewhere upstream on this thread.

My conclusion is that importing as layers is independent from the image
background color. It should not modify this color.

> I think 50% grey (#bababa) is a better default BG color for when a
> default is needed.

no opinion on that from my side. I chose white solely to match the
current default image's color.

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