On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 12:49 AM, Filipe Soares Dilly <fil...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/4/29 peter sikking <pe...@mmiworks.net>
>> but some crucial things depend on the bg color.
>> the gradient tool being the big show-stopper for me.
>> the tool needs a redesign, but up to then the fg->bg
>> type of interaction looks to be the most (universally)
>> usable to me.
> Unless you make a ease and nice way of swathing (or alternating) colors, I'm
> against it.
> When you are painting (making a digital painting or painting on a mask...)
> in the current version you just hit "X" to alternate between bg / fg colors.
> Its just ease that way.

I've already made a proposal that thoroughly addresses this twice in
this thread. It is based on a system MyPaint
(http://mypaint.intilinux.com) uses, so I've already tried a very
similar system and found it very effective.

It's simply a 5-slot color history, with X selecting from it (when a
color is 'chosen', it goes into slot #1 in the history (slot #1 == FG/
actual painting color), the old color moves into slot #2, and the rest
of the items are moved back if needed. Just standard history

X could work almost unchanged (just, pressing X multiple times in
quick succession would move back through the 5-slot color history,
rather than just swapping the two newest slots. So your current usage
of X would be unchanged, but you could use it to switch between more
than 2 colors)

So far, no one has given any feedback on the idea, or indeed any
acknowledgement of it. This disappoints me, as it really does fit
neatly into the 'holes' of yahvuu's proposal and would make those
areas even more effective than GIMP currently is before implementing
yahvuu's proposal alone.

In case people have read it and simply not understood what I meant,
I'll provide an animated GIF,
and perhaps submit a derivation of the GIF to gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com


I'm not sure whether or not Yahvuu was alluding to my proposal when he says

> i think the gradient tool would work equally well if
> the swatches were named "left" -> "right".

If we maintain a strict visual order (eg. newest at right -- see my
GIF above), this could work better than naming it 'current' ->

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