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> But for zooming out there is no such "cheap" workaround. Image:
> letters are off the screen, digits are visible. | denotes edges
> Now -- I would like to zoom out on "5" (I would like to focus on that 
> area), how do I do? 
> a) move mouse over "1" (sic!) and zoom out
> b) move mouse over "5", zoom out, and then scroll the image
> ad.b) this is tiresome
> ad.a) this is completely counter-intuitive, in order to zoom out 
> element X I need to zoom out the opposite of X. This is more 
> problematic with conversion when car driver gets on yacht 
> (left<->right problem) 
If you've zoomed in using the Zoom tool and drawing an area with 
mouse-click and drag ...
as you say - not easily discoverable, but once discovered, moving mouse 
to extreme left (or slightly better results extreme top left)  appears 
to leave desired area always visible though at some point a mouse wheel 
scroll may be necessary.

However (I hadn't tried this before) if with zoom-tool you do 
Ctrl+click+drag to define "area of interest" then release AFAICT the 
"area of interest" always remains visible. Possible problem (?) - you 
may find it zooms out "too quickly". Again AFAICT ctrl+drag-drop a 
"large" area gives better results than a "small" area.
ie. small area  vs large area zoom-out may indicate why ctrl+click 
zoom-out may be giving you problems?
> And more about (a) -- while zooming in, the mouse cursor movement is 
> small, so I can live with that, but on zooming out, the movement is 
> huge -- it is entire screen.
> The wish:
> --------
> Please recenter focused area on zoom out (and possible on zoom in).

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