On Friday 15 May 2009 09:06:25 Alec Burgess wrote:

> However (I hadn't tried this before) if with zoom-tool you do
> Ctrl+click+drag to define "area of interest" then release AFAICT
> the "area of interest" always remains visible. Possible problem (?)
> - you may find it zooms out "too quickly". 

I tried it and I see several problems:
* as you mentioned, it zooms out too quickly
* it is totally inaccurate, gimp seems cannot to shift the image, so 
the portion I am interested in is centered, in test case it was area 
near the edge of the image and after zooming out it was at the right 
border of the window
* it requires a lot of clicking, dragging with LMB hold down is a hard 
to do for people with even mild disabilities
* it requires to change the tool

I am not saying this (above) functionality should be removed, but the 
new one added. I would then:
* point out the area, no dragging
* press + or - key

End. I would get nice, smooth zoom, any change of the focus-area would 
be totally easy to, just move the mouse.

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