On Friday 15 May 2009 19:57:39 Sven Neumann wrote:

> > DEFGHIJK|12345|ABC
> > DEFGHIJK|12345|ABC
> >
> What is your definition of "focusing on that area"? Focusing on the
> 5 for means having 5 under the mouse pointer. 
> Now how can you possibly argue that this is not intuitive and
> useful? I seriously don't understand your problem. Nor do I
> understand what changes you are suggesting.

That's because you don't consider that focusing on "5" means what the 
user would like to do -- possible some alteration, or copying some 
fragment. Let's say you are the program (gimp), I ask you in natural 
language "Sven, I would like to work on 5 a bit, could you please 
show it to me". What would you do -- give me:

a) K12345
b) 12345A

If you think about intelligent anticipation of course (b) is more 
valueable because it presents the context of the "5", while (a) 
presents irrelevant information ("K"). With (a) there is _zero_ new 
data relevant to "5".

With current behaviour I have to cover those shortcomings and scroll 
all the time.

> > Possible solution:
> > ------------------
> > The centering idea -- please note that I am open to any other
> > idea that would lead to productivity boost. Let's focus on zoom
> > out: * I point out the area
> > * I zoom out
> > * gimp know which area I would like to focus on, so the whole
> > image is scrolled
> > in such way, that the area "travels" towards center of the window
> How is the center of the window relevant? What counts is what's
> under the cursor as that is where you are going to work next.

Nope. What counts is the context of the data, because it is 
_relevant_. Data shown 1000 pixels distant from where I work are far 
less useful than data 1 pixel away, which I cannot see because gimp 
didn't showed it to me.

Currently the image is "glued" to the mouse cursor which I don't find 
any useful -- I would like to see "big picture" (or "more details"), 
I move the mouse anyway.

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