On Thu, 2009-05-14 at 15:08 +0200, Maciej Pilichowski wrote:

> letters are off the screen, digits are visible. | denotes edges
> Now -- I would like to zoom out on "5" (I would like to focus on that 
> area), how do I do? 

What is your definition of "focusing on that area"? Focusing on the 5
for means having 5 under the mouse pointer. And that is exactly how zoom
is implemented right now. You put 5 under the mouse pointer and no
matter if you zoom in or out, it will stay there. Now how can you
possibly argue that this is not intuitive and useful? I seriously don't
understand your problem. Nor do I understand what changes you are

> Possible solution:
> ------------------
> The centering idea -- please note that I am open to any other idea 
> that would lead to productivity boost. Let's focus on zoom out:
> * I point out the area
> * I zoom out
> * gimp know which area I would like to focus on, so the whole image is 
> scrolled
> in such way, that the area "travels" towards center of the window

How is the center of the window relevant? What counts is what's under
the cursor as that is where you are going to work next.


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