On Sunday 17 May 2009 13:08:33 Fredrik Alströmer wrote:

> I don't want to add fuel to the fire, 

Nah :-), we are talking not quarreling :-))

> I just wanted to point out 
> that Sven is not alone in his opinion. 

I realize that the current behaviour has the reason, but also I try 
find out the way, so users with other workflow could benefit.

> I frequently find
> myself zooming out briefly to see how it works in context, just to
> zoom back in again a split-second later (very rarely zooming far
> enough to have the image become smaller than the window).

This is odd, or I don't understand you -- that's because I do what you 
do, and I always have to zoom out to such degree that the entire 
image fits in the window. In other words I have to do 10 zoom outs 
instead of just 1. And it is not helpful for me.

> If I do 
> zoom out to see the whole image, I'm usually done with that section
> anyway, and at that point it's actually a good behavior (call it a
> compromise if you wish, for me it just speeds up the workflow).

For me it slows me down, because after 10 zoom outs, I have to perform 
9 zoom ins, to get back to the level I wanted.

> Google maps is one of those that zoom in and out on the cursor,

I just tried it, and it does not that (Firefox) -- it zooms the center 
of the image. I pointed out at Miami which was in the bottom right 
corner of the image, zoom in, Miami was gone.

The effect of this (fixed point of zoom) is that the relation to mouse 
when doing in&out is preserved.

Jernej pointed out that PaintShopPro behaves like I wished for, so 
they had a reason for this too.

If those 3 modes cannot be combined into one (and I guess not), I 
would love to see an option for it. After all, not every single 
behaviour work for everybody.

For me usefulness is such:
1) center while zooming (PSP)
2) google maps 
3) gimp

ad.2) that's because it is similar to (1). I could center the area of 
interest by myself, and then zoom out/in as many times as I want to, 
and this area is still in the center. This mode could be achieved in 
theory with the script, but gimp cannot scroll the image freely so 
the usability would be limited to cases when the image fits entire 

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