Graeme Gill ( wrote:
> peter sikking wrote:
> > what we really must avoid is the old confusion that users think
> > that what they see in the window is just the jpg. it is not,
> > else there would be no possibility to add a layer, a path, etc.
> If they've not actually added any of those elements, then it
> is actually just a jpg - ie. it should be possible to save a file
> without additional warnings to any format that is capable of
> representing all actually used elements.

No it is not.

It is decompressed pixel data. It would be a pure accident if a
recompression to JPEG would result in the same file.

The decompressed pixel data lives in a layer object, which has
properties like e.g. a name. The layer itself lives in a container
object, which also can contain channels and paths. There possibly are
attached parasites, containing thumbnail and comment information. A
default color profile has been attached if none was specified. Etc. pp.

It just no longer is a jpeg.


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