so what happened here?

I have spend the last week and a half laying awake at night what
is going on with this topic. I have re-evaluated every fundamental
principle that is the basis for the change, looking at "what is it
is the other way around for users?" and if that also could solve
the 2.6 mess. because let's face it, the 2,6 situation is a mess.

however it is not the fundamental principles that are wrong, but
the current execution. I will now outline what has to change,
it uses suggestions of Liam, Simon and Alexia, glued into a
solid concept again:

- more recognition for non-GIMP images: no longer Untitled
   in the title bar of the window for imported images or
   (the interesting case) where a new composition is exported
   but not yet saved. the name part of the filename is
   displayed in the titlebar (e.g. "[lawnmower]" for
   "lawnmower.jpg"), it has to look different than GIMP files,
   else we have usability accidents there too, hence the brackets.

- filenames are always the first thing in a title, so they show
   up in the taskbar, etc.

- the '*' is still used for the save-state, but we can show more
   info after the filename in the title bar of the window:
   "(imported)", "(overwritten)", "(exported)". "(overwritten)" and
   "(exported)" are cleared again when a change is made to the
   composition in the window.

- change to the title of the menu item that does the 'back-sport',
   for "situations where high-end GIMP users have to do some
   quick touch-ups on graphic files for mates or clients, and
   send them back." after a long brainstorm on irc and munching
   on it for a couple of days more the winner is:

   "Overwrite lawnmower.jpg"

   where lawnmower.jpg is the imported file. it still shares
   the position and shortcut (ctrl-E) with the "Export to foo.png"
   item in the File menu.

- a shorter window of opportunity for back-sport: when a
   composition is saved or exported to a different file, the
   Overwrite of the imported file either dimmed or replaced
   with the 'Export to foo.png' item.

these changes are not in the spec yet, I plan to add them soon.


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