hi all,

as this issue stays intricate, a brainstormish thought:

clearly, Save must result in an XCF getting written somewhere (unless the 
operation gets cancelled).
This doesn't rule out that e.g. a JPG gets exported in the process.

So in the last resort we could abstract away the export/save distinction
by automatically writing a backup XCF, much like an on-disk undo stack which
persists across editing sessions. Such a cross-session undo stack will shurely
be worth it's price in general; some corner cases have to be solved, though.

Another variant:
allow save-as-jpeg and ask for writing a backup XCF upon closing the image.

As anything but save-as-xcf results in a final nag-screen anyway, the user 
gain much from learning the export/save distinction. So we can as well sweep 
under the table and pretend that save-as-jpeg were safe, up to the point when
the image gets closed.

peter sikking schrieb:
> however it is not the fundamental principles that are wrong

yes, absolutely. And what we're doing here is trying to cure the symptoms
of the deeper problem that is the broken concept of 'Save'. That trojan horse
is a gift from today's underpowered desktop environments.
...with greetings from Jef Raskin. More of this rant available upon request ;)


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