Martin Nordholts wrote:

> Hi Akira,
> I suppose you haven't seen 
> ?

Hi Martin,

Yes, I've already seen that! The idea (which I have not yet described in 
the opening message) is that each Dynamics button (those with the arrow 
inside) next to almost every numerically variable brush parameter would 
open of these Paint Dynamics windows in the page you linked. There would 
not be need to do this for all desired parameters as the Paint dynamics 
window has already a drop box with all the configurable settings.

What I am proposing anyway is not a new brush dynamics system (which is 
already well thought out from what I see), but a new brush *parameters* 
system/editing window.

In mind, things like hard edge (antialiasing), jitter, fade, etc, would 
become brush parameters instead of being tool settings like they are 
now. There would be also more settings; some completely new and some 
which would be only slight variations or additions to the current system.

Would you like me to write more in detail and be more specific regarding 

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