On Tuesday 18 August 2009 04:44:29 pm Robert Krawitz wrote:
> What might be really nice is if PhotoPrint could be used as a print
> plugin for GIMP -- it supports everything in Gutenprint except curves,
> and the UI is much nicer in many ways than the Gutenprint plugin
> (which I've had to maintain over the years, and I'm not exactly much
> good at user interfaces).

This idea was talked about on this list perhaps 1 1/2 to 2 years ago but it 
did not go far.  However I do think this idea has merit for a number of 

1. PhotoPrint has color management support for the print work flow which is a 
feature missing from both the GutenPrint plug-in and the GTK+ UI.

2. It supports various n-up printing formats.

3. The UI is more accessible than the GutenPrint UI while supporting the vast 
majority of it's features.  The missing curves support is a feature that is 
seldom used by GutenPrint users.

4. It is cross platform.

5. It supports high bit depth images and work flows.

I no longer use either the GutenPrint GIMP plug-in or the GTK+ UI in GIMP as I 
exclusively use PhotoPrint now.  Having this directly integrated into GIMP 
would be a plus for me.

On the other hand the OpenPrinting folks are finishing up work on their new 
Common Printing Dialog  (CPD) which has been worked on over the last two years 
by GSoC students.  The CPD is available as both a Qt and a GTK+ dialog and the 
long term goal is to make it the ubiquitous printing dialog on open systems.    
The UI of the CPD was designed by usability experts and has had extensive 
usability testing.   When used with GutenPrint drivers it should support most 
if not all of the same features as the GutenPrint plug-in.  It also supports 
the new PDF print work flow which the OpenICC folks believe will eventually 
make system wide color managed printing possible via new color management 
aware CUPS *toraster filters that are under development.  

The CPD is not intended to be cross platform so it will not fix the issues with 
Windows and I am not sure if it will be usable for OS/X users (I suspect it 
will be since OS/X uses CUPS and PDF based work flows).  In addition, current 
versions of the CPD do not yet have user land color management support.  The 
OpenPrinting folks are working with OpenICC and they know that at some point 
color management support will need to be added to the CPD. 

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