Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 11:26:55 -0500
   From: Erik Lotspeich <>

   Thank you for the perspective.  It seems that the printing part of Gimp
   is a second-class citizen that doesn't have the refinement of the rest
   of Gimp.

   I have always seen Gimp as a Photoshop competitor, so I'm thinking what
   if my mother-in-law (or any other non-expert computer user) were using
   Gimp.  Would she be able to print?  Would she use it instead of buying
   Photoshop?  I would like that answer to be yes.

   Tor Lillqvist wrote:
   >> I have tried all possible permutations of paper size between Gimp and the
   >> Windows driver.  Since this setup works great for all other applications
   >> (e.g. Word, IE, Firefox, etc.), I don't see how the problem could lie
   >> anywhere else than Gimp.
   > (The problem is in  GTK+ more likely, but that GTK+ is technically
   > separate is mostly irrelevant to end-users.)
   > Yes, it is well known that GTK+ printing (and thus GIMP printing) on
   > Windows doesn't really work that well. My advice is always to use some
   > other application to print images then instead, if GIMP isn't up to
   > it. Opening an image file in another app and printing from there
   > shouldn't take more than five seconds extra.
   > In fact, I would even recommend that, if the situation really is as
   > bad as it seems to be, the print plug-in is made optional (and not
   > selected by default) in the GIMP installer for Windows...
   > Sure, it would be nice if somebody fixed the problems. Volunteers welcome.

What might be really nice is if PhotoPrint could be used as a print
plugin for GIMP -- it supports everything in Gutenprint except curves,
and the UI is much nicer in many ways than the Gutenprint plugin
(which I've had to maintain over the years, and I'm not exactly much
good at user interfaces).

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