(peter) yahvuu wrote:

>>>> what about printing a semi transparent copy of the actual brush  
>>>> on the
>>>> canvas?
>>> exactly what I thought.
>> Even though I think the patch made the brush outline better for  
>> fuzzy brushes, it is still not without flaws. Let's ignore the  
>> patch and aim for the above instead
> i guess what works best is to display the brush outline while
> drawing and to use the brush stamp when idling.
> If you want to test-drive the look and feel, here's a flash applet
> featuring various outline designs:
> http://sites.google.com/site/yahvuu/stuff/brushtester-web.lzx.swf8.swf?attredirects=0

I tried that, and although I would not call that exactly a solution,
it did help to observe some things:

- it is fantastic to see a fuzzy/grunge brush as a real
   "copy of the actual brush" when one is not painting, but it has to
   _contrast_ with what is under it or else it just disappears. When it
   contrasts (some X-OR variation, or so) I think it should not be semi
   transparent anymore, just exactly reflect the brush alpha value for
   each of its 'pixels'.

- that really opens up what (dynamic) paint parameters should be
   reflected by the brush when not painting: looks like brush geometry
   (brush, scale, aspect ratio, angle) yes, hardness: maybe, rest
   (opacity, spacing, jitter, color(gradient)) no.

- when painting, first I feel that this outline is a lousy  
   for a brush. next I notice that getting the 'brush' out of the way  
   showing the immediate paint result rules. so now I am thinking:
   what about no outline at all and just a cross-hair for mouse position
   when the mouse is down?


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