Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

> That would be fine if GIMP only supported mouse click painting, not  
> dragging. When one moves mouse while painting seeing brush outline  
> and borders of analyzed area for healing brush is useful.
> peter sikking wrote:
>> mouse down/painting/stroking on the canvas:
>> the applied 'paint' is the feedback. show nothing but a cross-hair
>> (again in all the contrast we can muster) at the mouse position.
>> this is really just there to keep users 'rooted', a confidence  
>> builder.

I think you are right in pointing out that not all 'painting' actions
(like heal or dodge and burn, or just subtle painting) give strong
enough results that can 'speak for themselves.'

trying that out myself with heal, dodge and burn and the round fuzzy  
I found the outline also utterly useless at showing me what was going to
change how strongly within that outline.

nice pair of opposing requirements during painting:
1) give a clear and exact impression of the effective brush, including
    its fuzziness, no matter what's on the canvas
2) get out of the way of very subtle 'painting' results


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