On Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 10:22 AM, Rob Antonishen
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> Peter-
> To clarify, you are suggesting the on screen pointer icon/sprite could
> show the actual brush as it would look painted with a single mouse
> click, but once painting/holding the mouse down it would render as a
> cross hair?  And once the mouse is released it would turn back to a
> static "sprite"?
> That should keep the response faster when painting then, right?
> That would great for a mouse user, but would it work for a size
> dynamic tablet user?

As a tablet user, the above is exactly what I want; I certainly don't
want an outline while painting (may not be completely accurate, and I
tend to move too fast for the outline to have any real use)

When using a mouse, visual response to movement tends to be
predictable enough that I don't really gain anything from the brush
outline during painting either.

+1 on crosshairs-only during painting
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