On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 2:09 AM, peter sikking wrote:

>> You can already do this with guides - just drag them from the rulers.
> I was aiming for this without involving rulers...

Indeed it can be done. Scribus for one has a Manage Guides dialog that allows:

1. Adding/Removing single h/v guides with Astonishing Precision (C)(R) :)
2. Adding/Removing h/v guides in rows and columns
3. Removing guides from current/all pages

However removing drag-a-guide-from-ruler functionality will lead to
bugreports that will basically boil down to something in the lines of
"Are you crazy? GIMP doesn't have such a simple thing?". Creating a
guide by dragging it from a ruler is really one of the habits that
won't die any time soon. And there is no proof it should, is there? :)

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