On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 17:50 -0500, Chris Mohler wrote:
> I think it's reasonable to pair rulers and guides, and would certainly
> want to keep the ability to drag a guide from a ruler.
> However, if there were an alternate method I might use it as well -
> something like press a key, the mouse is now dragging a guide, click
> on the window and get a new guide.  Maybe some sort of modifier to
> toggle/go horizontal/vertical?  Seems like part of the code would
> already be there in the 'New Guide' menu item, but have not looked...

This is actually the point I'm trying to make.  How is any key/mouse
combination going to be any more intuitive/less complex than dragging
from a ruler?  Decoupling adds complexity (at a minimum forcing users to
learn a new process, but probably worse than that) for the sake of
cleanliness (re: being able to hide the rulers), but I don't think the
trade offs are worth it.

In other words, I don't see that remembering something like
"Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R right mouse click" is any improvement over "view
ruler, drag guide from ruler, hide ruler" (assuming this only applies to
situations where the canvas is not showing the rulers in the first
place) especially when the latter is possible with one hand and one
finger.  Yes, simpler keyboard modifiers are possible but most are
already taken and it may not be so easy to assign a meaningful one to
this particular process.

So, again IMHO, the effort required to change this is hardly worth the
benefit gained by its implementation, especially when the result may not
(arguably) be an improvement in the UI.

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