On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 1:42 PM, Ilya Zakharevich
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> On 2009-10-21, Tor Lillqvist <t...@iki.fi> wrote:
>> It is pointless to describe the misbehaviour of GIMP windows on
>> Windows to GIMP developers, as they don't use Windows themselves.
> Let me restate it:
>  it is pointless to fix bugs/problems on windows, since they do not
>  happen (and if they happen, developers do not want to see reports).

No, it means the bugs are in GTK+, not GIMP, and it requires GTK+
developers who run Windows to fix these bugs (or a GIMP developer who
runs Windows and has some knowledge of GTK+ and an inclination to fix
these bugs). Do you seriously think a person running Linux is going to
be able to reliably fix a bug that only shows up on Windows?

> Are you sure that the situation is as you describe it?
>> To see GIMP behave as it is supposed to, you need to use it on Linux.
>> The reference window manager is metacity, as far as I know, but also
>> other window managers might work well enough.
> Sorry, but I find this attitude as misplaced as one in the previous
> paragraph...

Your expectations that GIMP will exert such extreme control over the
window management are also unreasonable. Your window manager manages
your windows, GTK+ communicates to the window manager what window
behaviour GIMP is asking for, GIMP communicates to GTK+ what window
behaviour it wants. The particular 'communications breakdown' is
between GTK+ and the Windows window manager, GIMP is not involved in
the problem, only a casualty of it.
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