On 2009-10-25, Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Keeping the documentation online is in many ways a good idea.

A bad idea for people who are most of the time on the road without
online access...

> There is one thing we could do better though. Right now
> when pressing F1 without a locally installed copy of the
> manual there is a dialog box that says "you don't have
> a copy of the GIMP user manual installed" with a button
> to go to the online manual.

A good thing.  Yet better thing would be have a button with "install
local copy".

Yet better would be if GIMP could try to check the connection, and
would stop showing "press f1 for help" if there is no local copy and
no connection...

> IMO we should take the user directly to the online manual and not
> nag her with dialogs.

If you think the dialogue is nagging, it is better to make a checkbox
"do not show this again, show online help directly".  AND, maybe,
never show the same dialogue in the same session.


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