Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
> Yet another idea: for most of "puzzling" layer modes the mode is just
> a function F of two variables: "level in current layer", and "level L
> in composite of layers below" (here "level" is the value of a
> particular channel).  So for each value of "level in current layer",
> one gets a *curve* applied to the "composite of layers below"
> (essentially, I consider the effect of the mode when the current level
> is a solid color).
> So what about the following icon: take some background color in good
> contrast with all gray20, gray128, and gray245.  On this back, plot
> the graph of F(20,L) in gray20, etc.  One gets an icon with 3 graphs.

that sounds a pretty much like the "Curves" plots i did in (fifth column):
An explanation is is available at [1].

> For me, it is going to be a much better visualization than "a
> color-coded graph of a function of 2 variables".  But it is quite
> probable that I'm not representative enough.  What do you think?

"a picture says more than a hundred words" springs to mind. I think it's pretty
much impossible to meet the requirements for useful layer mode icons, though:



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