Martin Renold wrote:
> But those
> brush modes would "copy" the composited image into the current layer and
> brighten it there.  The result would look on the screen as if you had
> flattened the image first.  If I understood you correctly, this is exactly
> what you proposed in your footnote?

Yes, I meant exactly this!
Of course it would be an optional setting.

> David was somewhat enthusiastic about this, but I'm still wondering whether
> this would not result in some major annoyances, compared to layer modes?

I still think layer modes (or layer operations) have their place, 
especially if they involve pre-made resources (for example the Overlay 
layer mode I wrote about in my previous post in my case is used mainly 
to apply subtle textures to areas painted on lower layers, for example 
paper/canvas texture).

> When you make invisible a layer below the one you used to brighten the
> image, you would see the (faint) image structure from the hidden layer
> because some of it was copied while brightening.  Would this be no big
> issue?

Now that I think about it, you're right, this could be a problem 
depending on the situation.

> Would it be important to also be able to manipulate (eg. brighten)
> the current layer only, in the way that brush modes work right now in GIMP?

I think it would be important/useful to be able to affect only a limited 
set of layers. I think that layer groups/trees, which will be 
implemented in the 2.8 version of GIMP will add this capability (if a 
priority system based on layer position within the tree will be 
implemented. By the way, this is where GEGL is heading, from what I know).

> I understand if you're more interested in GIMP than in MyPaint, but I am
> still interested whether this would be compatible with your workflow...

It appears it would be. Some issues would have to be sorted out though.
By the way, this side-discussion started because on Photoshop CS4 I can 
use different painting modes even on totally transparent areas (if there 
is nothing in the background, then the brush behaves as if the painting 
mode is "Normal"), while GIMP does not.

> And, have you already used a software that offers such a feature?

I can't try it again right now, because the trial period has expired and 
for some reasons it doesn't work anymore (it should, but without the 
file save features), but if I remember well Paint Tool SAI is a very 
good software for illustration/painting/drawing which handles layers and 
layer modes better than other programs:

I think layer modes here work on a hierarchy tree structure. Try it if 
you can.

> bye,
> Martin
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