peter sikking wrote:

> so I am sorry. no additions solely for digital-artists.

Many people (and really I mean many) use Photoshop or GIMP, the closest 
open source equivalent program, for "paint-for-scratch" work even though 
they're really not suited for this job. This is because almost all 
specialized programs (included the famous Corel Painter) fail in so many 
aspects of raster image processing/editing that their advantages in 
artistic use are quickly overshadowed by them.

GIMP may be headed to other directions, but I believe there is a strong 
demand for such features which cannot be ignored, as demonstrated for 
example by this mixing brush source code patch I linked in my previous 
post or Ramon Miranda's Gimp Paint Studio resource collection.

Perhaps a more advanced brush engine in the future can overcome the 
current limitations without expressly introducing digital-artist-only 
features? Not really a question, just a hope.

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