Akira wrote:

> peter sikking wrote:
>> so I am sorry. no additions solely for digital-artists.
> Many people (and really I mean many) use Photoshop or GIMP, the  
> closest open source equivalent program, for "paint-for-scratch" work  
> even though they're really not suited for this job. This is because  
> almost all specialized programs (included the famous Corel Painter)  
> fail in so many aspects of raster image processing/editing that  
> their advantages in artistic use are quickly overshadowed by them.

well, another way of saying that is that these specialised
paint programs need improvements for you paint-from-scratch guys,
their core audience.

in the discussion where the GIMP team formulated what they are, it
was explicitly mentioned that GIMP is not an app like Painter.

> GIMP may be headed to other directions, but I believe there is a  
> strong demand for such features which cannot be ignored, as  
> demonstrated for example by this mixing brush source code patch I  
> linked in my previous post or Ramon Miranda's Gimp Paint Studio  
> resource collection.
> Perhaps a more advanced brush engine in the future can overcome the  
> current limitations without expressly introducing digital-artist- 
> only features? Not really a question, just a hope.

let's put it this way, that GIMP still works out for you paint-from- 
guys is a side effect of what the GIMP team decided what they want to
achieve. GIMP needs a better general-purpose paint system, Alexia is
on the job (I also help out there) and you will also win at the end.

the stress in "no additions solely for digital-artists" is on _solely_.
if an addition that you are craving for can be proven to be a paint
improvement in general, or can be morphed into something that is
a paint improvement in general (as seen through the eyes of our
core users) then I say let's do it.

part of that is also that I can imagine adding it without adding
bloat (like adding another tool in the toolbox), integration
is crucial.

I think the GPS brushes are an example of that. As far as I know
we are including them. All I have to say about it is: please take
only the sub-set of brushes that are truly general-purpose, in
the sense that the person who reviews them can see each of these
used in a thousand different ways, depending on the paint settings
they are used with.


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