peter sikking wrote:
> to have a reason to add these icons to GIMP, they really have to
> add something for usability, not just be different enough icons that
> happen to be similar in their group. what the icons have to deliver
> is additional _user_insight_ into the modes, in addition to the name
> of the mode. also this insight must _feel_ to be true, it must match
> users' experience.

OK, i can't imagine that it's possible to visualize the subtle difference
in _feeling_ between, say hardlight and grain merge. Surprisingly enough, the
'brightness diff' plots turned out to be so characteristic that i soon started
to identify blend modes by their plots instead of by their names. But then,
i've probably been looking at too many such diagrams lately :-)

i guess that litmus test can be used in the opposite direction as well:
if it is impossible to create suitable icons for layer modes, then
they probably should not be presented as a drop-down list.

I wonder if the criteria are different for preset selection, e.g. for
the curves tool. Here, any visual hint of distinction seems like an improvement
over pure textual choices like 'curves 2009-08-01' or 'curves 2009-08-02'.
Even if there's no correspondence with the 'feeling' of a certain curve.
Or is this case within the same category as general icons?


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