photocomix wrote:

>> so I am sorry. no additions solely for digital-artists.
> I am afraid that you undervalue creativity of who use gimp for photo  
> or image
> editing
> I explain better, even if the goal may be different (as photo- 
> retouch differs
> from use gimp to paint) the tool used are often the same
> So as who use gimp for paint may also take advantage of filters and  
> tools
> developed with the goal of photo editing...who use gimp to retouch  
> or edit,
> (in other words the group that you focus as the main users )may
> well benefit of improvement of brush tool...because they use same  
> tools
> In this case as example i will not exclude the utility of a mix  
> brush for
> restore digital or scannered images

you see, now we are talking. by taking the debate to how a certain
addition can really improve the productivity or creativity of our
core groups, how painting can be made better in general, there is
much better chance of getting somebody to listen and to get it
integrated, one day.


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