I am not really agree with that, for example photoshop is a Photo
manipulation program, but most of CG painters use PS to paint sketches and
final pieces . Film industry and game industry knows that. Lot of people use
only PS to paint ,so the purpose of the program is irrelevant at certain
point. Translating to free software ,of course GIMP can paint and i am
showing this with some pieces of art. I created GPS to do painting tasks
becouse i a msure that gimp can do professional tasks in this field. IT is
better than photoshop on customizable interface and developers still working
in UI and lot of features. I know both of them. You can use gimp to paint
and if we have a very good presets manager it will be lot of better than
photoshop. becouse Photoshop presets are very umcomfortable and difficult to
rearrange. Only Gimp ids good, but in fact we can use also the Gimp Painter
version which is more powerfull in painting tasks. the
smoothing,power,flow,min sclae, and other parameters. i am sure Alexia is
working hard to improve this in oficial version. and also wi will have tags
and that will be very good to manage brushes groups.

My paint is different software different idea and diferent develope. It has
the most lovable brush engine that i know. and has a lot of future . Can
mimic perfectly lot of techniques even better than Painter . and i am not
joking.  Setting right the parameters we can do all we want to do. just
Awesome program. But is a baby in comparission with gimp developement. i am
waiting to see the 0.8 release. will be Amazing if Martin implements the

And i want to say that we have to be very pattience. We will arrive slowly
to achieve better softwares with better tools. All of us are working for
that. Blender is the top one. gimp is really impressive when you study them
and test. Mypaint is a promise by now. We have lot of things to do . This is
a wonderful adventure becouse we are changing the way that people see the
open source software. Free software  is the future.

2009/12/3 Patrick Horgan <phorg...@gmail.com>

> Alexia Death wrote:
> > There already is such a set. Inkscape for vector, Gimp for
> > photomanipulation, MyPaint for painting.
> People keep referring to Gimp as being a photo manipulation tool.  It's
> an image manipulation tool.  Works just fine on hand drawn images as well.
> Patrick
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