peter sikking wrote:
> well, I am thinking about why docks get organised in rows of tabs,  
> together,
> and why in different rows, paralleling. and then I _can_ see that it  
> makes
> sense for some users to have (like in your shot) layers+channels+paths 
> +undo
> in text for calmness and brushes+patterns+gradients in icon for  
> briefness and
> the direct representation of the current selection.

Ok, I understand how you think now. But we don't need to have 
per-tab-row settings to solve this, maybe we could have an "if dock has 
status, show icon, else show text" Tab Style. People can then still 
group dockables that has status to show.

> I would hate to see it buried in the preferences.

Me too

  / Martin


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