ense...@gmail.com (2009-12-07 at 0918.00 +0100):
> GSR - FR wrote:
> > Hi,
> > ense...@gmail.com (2009-12-05 at 1330.57 +0100):
> >> I don't understand who would want a UI where tabs doesn't have the same 
> >> style, what a mess
> > 
> > I use icons for things that have true info in visual sense (colour,
> > pattern, brush, palete, gradient) and text for the rest. For me it is
> > a matter of less visual noise and more constant interface.
> Is there any particular reason you don't show this information in the 
> toolbox (Edit -> Preferences -> Toolbox -> Show brush, patter etc) 
> instead of showing it in individual tabs? Wouldn't that decrease the 
> visual noise even more?

Now I rarely use the toolbox and associated info, as the selectors are
in other place (docks) and maybe visible already, while the miniviews
in the toolbox only change the zdepth of the docks in 3 cases (brush,
gradient and pattern) and launches a selector in other (colours, and
poorly placed, no idea what rule does it follow).

So in all cases the info and the controls are a lot more separated
than tab header and tab contents will always be. For me, toolbox has
become rather useless in general (open new images by DnD is the only
real use I can think of currently).

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