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> GSR - FR wrote:
> > Hi,
> > ense...@gmail.com (2009-12-05 at 1330.57 +0100):
> >> I don't understand who would want a UI where tabs doesn't have the same
> >> style, what a mess
> >
> > I use icons for things that have true info in visual sense (colour,
> > pattern, brush, palete, gradient) and text for the rest. For me it is
> > a matter of less visual noise and more constant interface.
> Is there any particular reason you don't show this information in the
> toolbox (Edit -> Preferences -> Toolbox -> Show brush, patter etc)
> instead of showing it in individual tabs? Wouldn't that decrease the
> visual noise even more?

In my case, the colors display (the only display I'm interested in) occupies
much too much vertical screen space. It's also awkward to have this color
display up there but the color editor below (I know you can edit colors by
double clicking on them. I find that more irritating and prone to be
accidentally triggered, for my usage (in which I constantly want to inspect
hex color codes, so seeing the color swatches is only part of what I want
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