Omari Stephens wrote:
> For one, as Sven pointed out, we can't ship the AdobeRGB color profile.
>  This means that even if we know it _should_ be AdobeRGB, the user will
> need to take some action either to make that profile available or to tag
> it manually.

i think that is a special case of 'invalid profile detected', with some
extra help to show how to install the profile.

> Secondly, we currently use libexif for parsing EXIF in JPEG.  We need to
> switch to exiv2, but since the latter is C++, we'll need a C/C++
> compatibility layer as well.  A further problem is that we don't
> currently support EXIF in PNG, which we should (and would be able to
> with exiv2).

thank you, i see. The scope is the 2.8 release. Proper EXIF handling may even
be beyond 2.10 as bug #56443 suggests. (The introduction "probably i'm just
missing the point, but ..." was in my head but didn't make it into the posting)


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