David Gowers wrote:
> * Color selector colors must be stored in a profile independent
> colorspace (LAB?[1]). This ensures that we can paint any color onto
> any image and get the right result. Otherwise, we'd have to know the
> profile that the color was specified in, in order to use the correct
> color on the image we're painting in now.. which makes color storage
> way too heavyweight.
> * We should be able to a) specify colors outside of the color profile gamut
>   and b) clip the current color to the limits of the current color
> profile when painting, previewing etc.
>   b) should probably be a toggle, then it could be quite helpful in
> quick soft-proofing


Color selectors give an overview of available colors and
display a few selected colors, namely fg/bg color plus history.

The range of available colors changes with the current working color space,
and the color selectors should reflect that. E.g. the colors inside the
'triangle' should change according to current working space.

The selected colors however, should be transferable between images and
thus need to be stored in an absolute color space. Gamut warnings
indicate when they are outside the current working space.
(They may well be outside of display gamut as well..)

everything IMHO,

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