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Omari Stephens wrote:
> I believe number 1 is incorrect:

First thing to note is that i should have added a legend:
  - grey:   device-dependent colors, plain RGB values, no profile info 
  - orange: colors from an absolute color space

Picture 1) was intended to show the situation before color management was
introduced: the RGB data gets exchanged between devices without any
conversion. The resulting colors are unknown as none of the devices
has been profiled or calibrated.

> All images in GIMP will have a color profile.  This will either be the 
> implicit sRGB profile, or some explicit profile.  Similarly, in the case 
> where the monitor has no explicit display profile, we send it RGB on the 
> assumption that it mostly conforms to sRGB.
> More specifically, that means that everywhere we display an image will 
> be color-managed, even if that image isn't explicitly tagged with a 
> profile.  Color-related tools (the color picker comes to mind) should 
> always function relative to the color profile of the image, be it 
> explicit or implicit.  This may spell some interesting changes for 
> Curves and Levels down the line; I'm not sure.

oh, i meant to talk about the principal configurations / UX options.
I hope that there's no conflict with implementation issues by now.
I'm working on a set of use cases to use as a decision aid...

> I 
> also do not understand why 2a and 2b are separated.

the goal was to make explicit that importing unmanaged data
and creating unmanged data on export might be unrelated.

For example, 2b) might be a photographer that opens a ClayRGB file from
his archive and exports a JPG without any profile information, for web use.


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